Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Note Taking - Annotation & Revision

There are many different methods and systems for note taking - you may have even created your own.

Our students have looked at many different methods and systems for note taking and have adapted their style, to suit their needs.

The following method of note taking can be carried out on your device, but our students prefer to keep their notes in notebooks, mainly because they can take their time to absorb information and also to give their eyes a rest from the many screens that we use today!

Our students annotate their notes: .PDF

Title: The title of your topic/subject - Useful for planning your revision.

Annotate Column - This is where you write key points, reminders, research reminders; about the text/notes in the adjacent column. Also you can add cues here about your notes, which will again also help for your revision sessions.

Note Taking Column - Record your notes here. For actual note taking, this section may start out more detailed, when it comes to the revision stage of your learning you should be able to summarize a lot of your notes.

Record your notes and use short paragraphs, making sure where you can to leave white space between them.

After recoding your notes you can note any points to question and research in more detail. Also make notes about any thoughts and ideas you have - this will help you later, in further research and revision.

Try to look at your annotation column often so that you can summarize your notes further.

Remember to reflect on what you have learnt - it can also help to compete a shortened version of your notes pages.

Make sure that you review your notes regularly, reading aloud by yourself or with a study buddy.

In the summary section of your note taking page summarize each paragraph you have written, so that this helps you to remember the content in more detail.

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