Saturday, 11 August 2012

Learning, Research & Organisational Skills - Assignment Checklist

Plan Planning is essential, it helps you to understand - what is being asked, what you should be writing about and also helps you to ensure that you do not forget to answer every part of each question.
Include in your Assignment Know your command words.

Examples from any work experience/placements – where appropriate.

Use words like: therefore, however, overall. Expand on all of your topics, do not just copy and re-word. During your studies you should have gained your own understanding of a topic.

Explain: Why? And How?

Use phrases like: such as, this can, why? This can help, this can be effective because…

Why something might be beneficial?

Why is it effective?

In what way does it help?

Provide more than one example.

Always provide more detailed explanations, opinions, examples and reasons. For example: for B, A & A* grades and also pass, merit & distinction.

Never copy – this is plagiarism! Always read through, appropriate/reliable information – more than once, understand it, learn from it and write using your own words.

Use third person narrative – people think, it is, though, that, it is said that.

Stick to the point – Re-read your question(s) carefully.

Pick out key points and talk about each.

Always refer back to the question, your notes, marking grids and specifications.
Write your essay/assignment – 1 st Draft Write your essay/assignment.

Stick to the point(s) – Re-read questions frequently.

Always write in full.

Take care not to discuss issues/topics twice in different places.

Stick to one paragraph per issue/topic.

Provide good points and bad ones. If you have a word limit – on your 1 st draft write as much as possible, relating to your subject, answering your question(s) – consider your word limit.
Proof Read (1) Look for any paragraphs that do not make sense.

Check paragraphs to make sure they flow properly and lead naturally from one point to the next.

Read your work out loud – this may help.

Make amendments where appropriate/necessary.

Always ask someone to read your work.
Complete your – 2nd Draft Make amendments from Proof Read (1).

Re-word anything that does not make sense.

If a word limit applies – remove anything that you have repeated, anything that is not relevant and/or anything that does not relate to your question(s).
Proof Read (2) Check punctuation, spelling and grammar.

Ask someone to read your work to check that it flows properly.
Final Draft Make final amendments where appropriate/necessary.

Read through all of your work, to make sure that it flows and makes sense.

If you are happy that all is correct, print your assignment ready to be sumitted.

Command Words and Meanings